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Saw my own Lil Sebastian today

Classic Children’s Books Starring ‘Parks and Rec’ Characters by Jen Lewis

-plus Councilman Jamm and Orin

These are amazing!

whoever made this is a beautiful genius

2 more days until these guys are back in my life

Why Adam Scott isn't on the cover of EW

This is why Adam Scott is so perfect. Maybe we can just photoshop him in there, with his thumbs down and El Tejon face

“…but they’re weirdos who care.”

I’m really impressed with the depth of Parks. It’s getting to be like the Simpsons, where you know everyone in town, each with their quirks and catchphrases. Parks is so much more upgraded and expansive than the Office. I’m loving Season 3, and the chemistry between everyone (esp. Leslie/Ben). Adam Scott is becoming my new favorite actor. I think he has a subtlety that he’s not usually given credit for.

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